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Lethal Concept



We, what remained of Auto Assault's community have decided to continue the legacy and launch a completely new and independent project, titled APOKALYPSOS.

Apokalypsos is a Role Playing Game set in a massively multiplayer online world. This title sends the player into a devastated North America as a surviving refugee, escaping the brutal winters of the north. Seeking a new shelter and a better future, the player is forced to take a side in the ongoing battle between the surviving factions that control the few remaining resources.

The player is free to explore entire zones and areas on foot, in 1st or 3rd person view, scavenging resources, fighting enemies & creatures and building a legacy.

The game systems will allow the player to acquire vehicles in which they can use to travel into far and forgotten zones, through a highway system, full of missions and challenges.

We are currently looking for volunteers in all development skills:

-Artists: 2D/3D/Concept

-Programmers: Network, Graphic, Engine

-Writers: Story, missions, scripts

If you have the skills, drop us a line on Apokalypsos.com forums or email us at: help @ apokalypsos . com


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Adjusting for the evolution of technology, some games have been inventive, some have had great graphics, and some of them have had interesting stories or concepts, some have had great gameplay, and of course, some had combinations of these things (or none at all, tee hee).

Auto Assault added something new. It takes amazing people to create bonds as strong as respect, admiration, hatred... you guys and gals are irreplaceable. I don't even need to mention what BRONZE has meant.

Emotion shows there was real skin in the game. There wasn't a death penalty... yet how many of us have winced at our own death - in certain convoys, you know you just doomed your entire team. How many of us are sick not at our "lost" tokens and cars, but instead at friends lost or soon to be lost?

That was Auto Assault.

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