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::Equippable Gear is split into the following categories::
  • Chassis: Your ride & pride! Each faction & class has a set of unique vehicles.
  • Weapons: All damage-dealing equipments go in this category
    • Front: Front weapons have great damage with a fixed TacArc.
    • Turret: Turret weapons can be controlled to fire within it's TacArc around your vehicle.
    • Turrets come in three sizes that apply to specific chassis' ingame:
      • Small: Exclusive to the Stealth class for all three factions
      • Medium: Used on the majority of chassis' and for all classes except Stealth.
      • Large: Exclusive to the Combat classes ingame.
    • Melee: Melee weapons provide great ramming damage with no heat expense.
    • Rear: Rear weapons drop many types of dangerous and obstructive objects from behind.
  • Wheels: Tires determine how well the chassis travels over varied terrain types.
  • Armor: Provides overall defensive bonus & resistances from sertain forms of attack.
  • Power Plant: Power Plants provide Energy for chassis and weapons while dissipating heat.
  • Hazard Chip: Hazard Chips provide each faction with a unique form of rechargeable attack.
  • Ornament: Hood ornaments enhance skills and abilities and show prestige!

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