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To join the ranks of the Death Dealers, register and send an application on our Forum with all your credentials and experience.


We are the most efficient mercenary clan of the Biomeks. We are the brutes and enforcers of the highway, we assist and accomplish missions and services for all Biomeks alike. We support and train our Soldiers, aiming towards total assimilation of all Humans and Mutants enemies and expanding the Biomek Protectorate!


The Death Dealers Order: Elite Mercenaries Devision.

General Sigoya of the Biomek spearheaded a uniting alliance that resulted in a strong and influential group within Fort Logan. This group sprouted across all of the Protectorate and proved to be a hard competitor for the Ground Zero battle.

The Death Dealers are mature and committed Biomeks that aim to excel at all crafting disciplines and achieve the highest status amongst all factions.

Senior founders of the clan include: Sigoya, Death, Thorbin, Logas, Hyper and Series_60.



The Death Dealers are split into four ranks:

:General: Commander in Chief of the clan

:Commanders: 2nd in Command of the clan

:Captains: Officers and caretakers of the clan

:Soldiers: The brutes and enforcers of the clan

All clanmates will be assigned to the following:

:Enforcers: PvE/PvP brutes & salvagers of the clan.

:Crafter: Dedicated crafting masters & equipment providers.




The Death Dealers support their clanmates with the following:

:Free exchange of equipment when available

:Free exchange of material equally to all crafters

:Free monetary support to beginner soldiers

:Continued support in missions and assignments

:Guidance and protection against all aggressors

The Death Dealers support the Biomek Order with the following:

:Fair and even trade of material and equipment

:Mission support and guidance for fee/free

:Provide protection against all aggressors

:Strictly no "Yo Mamma" jokes



The Death Dealers clanmates should do the following:

  • Use Ventrilo client whenever in game
  • Behave in a mature manner ingame and in Ventrilo
  • Constant communication with all clan members
  • Honest and fair trade agreements with fellow Biomeks
  • Priority to support fellow clanmates, allies then Biomeks
  • Share resources according to assigned profession (Enforcer, Crafter)


Clan PvP, Colors & Tags

The Death Dealers follow strict and honorable rules for PvP engagements:

  • No trash talking or taunting towards enemies
  • Clean and coordinated warfare with other Biomek soldiers
  • PvP & Outpost warfare should be always coordinated with present Captains or Commanders first
  • Strictly no offers or treaties to be suggested to enemies, the present higher ranked officers shall handle all communications
  • There are no obligations towards ANY ongoing treaties, higher ranked officers shall handle any inquiries by fellow Biomeks
  • All Outpost captures should be announced before capping in General channel and coordinated with other Biomeks

All clan PvP chassis' should be represented in GZ with these colors:

  • Soldiers: Rusty Orange & Grey/Black colors.
  • Captains: Blue & Grey/Black colors.
  • Commanders: Purple & Grey/Black colors.
  • General(s): Red & Grey/Black colors.


Clan Etiquette (by Commander Devlor)

Respect for Others

This is key. Respect for others keeps you in good standing with everyone and keeps the guild name clean. If you act like a fool and bother everyone in sight with this, that and the next thing, do not expect to hang around in a clan or be invited into one. Officers and leaders, treat your members with respect. Do not pull rank constantly. 

Read/Follow Clan Rules

This one is pretty simple. If you are looking to join a clan, you will likely be asked to do this anyway. Joining means you agree to the rules and understand that there will be consequences for breaking them.  


It is very important to keep the lines of communication going. Totally disappearing from the game for even a short time can get people wondering what is going on. Some groups may have a policy in place of dropping folks that have not been around for x days. An exception could be made with a simple message to one of the other members (preferable an officer). If someone / something is troubling you in game, it is important to let someone know, rather than just let something build up. Be honest in your communication. There is no need to lie about stuff. There is a good chance someone will find out about it. Utelize our Forums for communication.

Do Not be Needy

It gets annoying really fast. Some people are quite good at keeping track of all the begging that goes on. If people offer help on stuff, do not take advantage, as that can eventually take away from their enjoyment of the game. Things are not always as difficult as they seem. There is a lot one can do with a little patience or reading. Most of these answers are usually easy to access on a Forum or Site, which leads to another point… 

Do Not Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Sometimes, you may ask a question and the answer you get is not quite what you wanted. It may be advice on where to find the answer to that and more questions. If the answer was not given to you with an attitude, there is no reason to respond with your own. If someone simply says no to something, accept it and realize the reasons behind this answer.

Do Not Bug Officers or Leaders About Promotions

It is ok to ask once, if you feel you can be of service. Generally, these positions are reserved for Soldiers, who show commitment, work hard and continue to do so. If you are just after a little title and you are not going to be of any more use, do not expect to hold the tag for long. 


These games have their problems. We all know that. Everyone has a right to vent about stuff, but when that is all a person does, it becomes downright annoying and depressing. 

Playing Under the Influence

While you might find it fun to do, others may not agree. If there's a situation that calls for concentration or clear thought on your part and you screw everything up because of your condition, there could be a lot of complaints. Some people may get a little too spammy and ridiculous when under the influence. This can lead to complaints to other people and may tarnish the good reputation of the clan if repeated. 


Stay in one clan at a time (In the case of AA, stick with one faction, if you are in a clan or plan to be in one.) Questions may or may not arise about your loyalty to a group, if you are found playing in another clan or faction. Some clans can be very lenient. Others can be very strict. It is best to pick one and stick with it. It is important to know if one can be called upon if needed for something. In some cases info can be passed along, if there is an opposing group of people involved. If you still think you can juggle more than one commitment like that, get over yourself. You are wrong.


Clan Accolades

*Pegasus_Bane obtained the first Justice Epic "Unifier" Chassis for the Biomeks:

*Sigoya obtained the first Xeno Epic "Envidior" Chassis on Nexus Server:

*Sigoya achieved the first Exotic Weapons Crafting 200 for the Biomeks:

*Devlor obtained the first Biomute Epic "Disembowler" Chassis on Nexus Server:

*Pegasus_Bane obtained the first Justice Epic "Scales" Ornament for the Biomeks:

*The DDs got the first Gates Clip Medal (2 Globes) on the Nexus server!

*The DDs got the first Pimp Clip Medal (1 Globe) on the Nexus server!

*Sigoya obtained the first Xeno Epic "Globe" Ornament on Nexus Server:

*Devlor obtained the first Biomute Epic "Suspension" Ornament on Nexus Server:

*Sigoya achieved the first Ornaments Crafting 200 for the Biomeks:

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