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Getting Started

To get started in crafting, you'll first need to have an NPC show you how through a level 7 mission that you get at your faction's main city (Tocado, Fort Logan, or Upside) and be sure to bring a bit of money.

Click on the Crafting Disciplines button on the QuickBar . Scan over all your choices. Eventually you'll be able to choose four (4) Apprentice, two (2) Journeymen, and one (1) Master Disciplines, but to begin you'll need one or two Apprentice Disciplines to start crafting.

Crafting Discipline
Repair Shops
Discipline Requirments
Material Requirments
Apprentice: You can only learn four Apprentice disciplines.
Armor None
Projectile Weapons None
Power Plants None
Custom Wheels 100 Armor
Chassis 100 Armor, Devices, or Projectile Weapons
Devices 100 Projectile Weapons, Power Plants, or Chassis
Advanced Armor 100 Custom Wheels, Chassis, or Melee & Rear Weapons
Melee and Rear Weapons 100 Advanced Armor, Energy Weapons, Chassis, Devices, or Projectile Weapons
Mounting Bracket
Energy Weapons 100 Projectile Weapons, Devices, Advanced Power Plants, Melee & Rear Weapons, or 100 Chassis
Advanced Power Plants 100 Power Plants, Energy Weapons, or Devices

Journeyman: You can only learn two Journeyman disciplines.

Advanced Chassis 100 Advanced Armor or Hazard Kits
Hazard Kits 100 Melee & Rear Weapons, Advanced Weapons, or Advanced Chassis
Optimus Kit
Advanced Weapons 100 Energy Weapons, 100 Ornaments, or 100 Hazard Kits
Ornaments 100 Energy Weapons, Devices, Advanced Power Plants, Advanced Weapons, or Exotic Power Plants
Reinforced Support
Exotic Power Plants 100 Ornaments or Advanced Power Plants

Master: You can only learn one Master discipline.

Exotic Weapons 100 Ornaments
Exotic Armor 100 Hazard Kits

Let's choose Projectile Weapons as an example. Locate the Projectile Weapons Trainer (the location varies, depending on the city) and click on the NPC to open the dialogue. It'll cost a little clink to learn how to craft Project Weapons at the first level. Once you've done this, it will take 50 rank points to advance to the next level of Projectile Weapons.

How do you gain rank? Easy. You gain rank points by crafting items in that discipline.

For the first group of Apprentice disciplines you use various training kits that you can craft to build up your rank. For Projectile Weapons, you have your basic Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit.

But how do you know how to make a Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit (or really anything else for that matter)? That's where Reverse Engineering comes into play.


Reverse Engineering

Nearly all equippable inventory items in Auto Assault are made from individual parts, commodities and components which are base building blocks in the game. In order to learn how to build something, you'll need to take it apart first. Find a vendor that sells Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit (they are pretty easy to find). Then open up the Research window (the Z key) and click on Reverse Engineer mode. Your inventory window should now pop up and you should have a little wrench cursor now. Find your newly purchased Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit and left-click on it. It'll ask you if you are sure – hit “Accept.”

There is a chance that, depending on the complexity of the item, you may destroy it and not learn how it is constructed. For simple items your chances of Reverse Engineering is usually around 100% so it should not be an issue. Note that when you Reverse Engineer the kit it is now saying it is “broken” in your inventory. That's okay. Right-click on the broken kit.

Now the Crafting window pops up. The Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit recipe should now appear in the “You Can Craft:” list and should show up at the little display window on the right. Below is a list of Commodities and/or Components required to build a Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit. You can move your mouse over each to see what it is.

The two items needed should be: Salvaged Plastic and Salvaged Glass. These kinds of components can easily be found out in the Central Wastelands; you can find glass quite easily when you destroy buildings or other structures. If you have both items, they should display in the “Required Commodities/Components” area in color (if you don't, they are non-highlighted). There would also be a message at the bottom: “You don't have the right components!”

Once you do have the right components, the “Assemble” button should now light up. Click on it and after a few seconds, voila! You've now reconstructed the Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit. You now have the option of Memorizing this item.



When you successfully craft an item, you have a chance of memorizing how to craft it. If you memorize it, you can then directly craft that item instead of finding or reverse engineering broken items. All you would need are the proper commodities.

There are two drawbacks. You will only craft the same exact item you memorized, and you can only memorize a maximum of five (5) items at a time. To memorize new items, you will have to remove previously learned ones from your list.

To craft an item from memory, bring up your Research panel, and click the “Memory” tab at the bottom of the window. If you memorized the Projectile Weapons Discipline Training Kit from above, it should show up in the Memorization list. You can also move the mouse over the item to see what commodities it needs. When you've gathered and refined the proper commodities, the “Craft” button will now light up. Click on it and the Crafting window will pop back up, and you can quickly Assemble it. Once the item is crafted it goes straight into your inventory.

During normal crafting, if you memorize a new item but you already have five memorized items, it will ask you if you want to replace one of the old ones with the newly memorized one. If you hit yes, just left click on the memorized item you want to get rid of and it will be replaced.



Kit descriptions usually mention that you can enhance the item at a Fabrication Plant. If you go into your starting towns, you can find a fabrication plant not far from the exit of town. If you stand near the fabrication plant, then mouse over the kit, you will notice that the text is now white instead of red. This means that you can enhance the item now. Note you will need to have the Experimentation skill.

Experimentation allows you to improve an item while you're crafting it by adding new Commodities to the crafting process; however, not all items can undergo experimentation. When you hover your mouse over a broken item, there is a list on the right for Enhancements and Gadgets. If your broken item has empty enhancement slots, you can experiment on the item and try to improve the item when you craft it.

Take the item to the appropriate upgrade shop. To find out which shop you need to take it to, hover your mouse over the broken item and look for the line that says "Enhance at..." near the bottom. Most likely the text is in Red, which means you are out of range of the experiment shop. When you've taken it to the proper location, the text will be white. Right click it to bring up the Crafting window. You will now have a new Experimentation section. For each empty Enhancement slot you have, you will have a Complexity 0/10 line with a blue box.

To experiment on the item, drag various commodities into the blue box. Each item adds complexity, and lowers the chance of successfully crafting the item. You can only have one of each kind of commodity. This means, you can only have one Glass, whether it is Salvaged or Perfect. You cannot go above 10/10 complexity when experimenting.

When you are ready, hit “Assemble.” Whether you succeed or fail, you will lose both the commodities you initially needed to make the item, plus one of each commodity you added to the experiment. If you succeed, the new item (hopefully with enhancements!) will be in your inventory. You can find some recepies for experimenation enhancements at Guides:Recipes:Experimentation


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