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Mutant Proving Grounds:
Northern Escarpment:
Archon Guzman:
The Awakening 4 Bring the Key to Blind Curro
The Reckoning 3 Go to Jolyn
Champion Sharon:
Neck Deep in It 2 Kill 4 Human Soldiers and destroy 1 Human Raiding Buggy [Champion Mission]
The Mark of a Champion 2 Sign the Book [Champion Mission]
Mark of the Apprentice 2 Help the other NPC's
Graduation Day 4 Go to Archon Davon in Tocado
Tropy Hunter 3 Collect 10 Pike Skulls
Big Game Hunter 4 Kill 5 Tierra Roja Burners
Learning to Crawl 2 Kill 10 Desert Crawler Younglings
Resilience 3 Go to Samual Wichita
Caught in the Act 3 Get one of the stolen crates in one of the Warehouses
Just Rewards 2 Go to Archon Guzman A level 2 mission you get after 3 level 3 missions
Act of Kindness 4 Help Jolyn scrub the pots
Rubble on the Roads 2 Destroy the boulder on the road
Ave of Champions 2 Go to Champion Lopez
Eastern Wall:
Peer Pressure 2 Grab a crate at the abandoned airfield
Sign of the Times 2 Sign his book
Helping Hand 2 Use wrench on the Rig
Mechanical Aid 2 Go to Shaman Law
Sure Fit 3 Use power cell on the Rig
OCD Recruiter:
Mesa Roja Challenge 4 Race against others and be the first to light the Signal Tower
Shaman Law:
Tower of Power 2 Disable a Binding Field Emitter in the human camp [Shaman Mission] One of the 4 smaller towers in the camp
The Mark of a Shaman 2 Sign the Book [Shaman Mission]
Mark of the Apprentice 2 Help the other NPC's [Shaman Mission]
Drive Check 2 Go to Walker Wind
Two Birds 3 Go to Apprentice Nazlan
Walker Wind:
Race for the Wind 3 Run the Rally Course
Complaint to Law 3 Go to Shaman Law
Western Wall:
Squatter's Rite 4 Use Propane Tank at the Ranch
Several Scavs will come out and you have to kill some of them.
Shaman's Valley:
Samuel Wichita:
Crawler Caves 3 Collect 5 sets of Crawler Legs in Crawler Cave
Blood Lake:
Blind Curro:
The Lost One 3 Collect 10 Crawler Legs
Tale of Two Cities 3 Fill the 2 cups
Lost in the Storm 3 Collect 6 Firewood from Thorn Trees
Foundations 4 Fill the 2 cups
A Better Future 4 Go to Archon Guzman
Highway 667-West:
Archon Abascal:
Playing the Pawn 6 Kill 8 Pike Diggers
Pike Transports 6 Destroy 3 Pike vehicles
Powder 6 Collect 3 exploding barrels from Pike Powderkegs [There are only a few spawns for these, and the mission item does not drop every time. Might be difficult if several players are doing this mission.]
Special Delivery 6 Go to Shaman Cuantrel
Down in the Dumps 7 Destroy the warehouse at the Pike Mines [Probably an Archon Mission]
Buried Alive 7 Weld the doors of the mine [Probably a Shaman mission]
Archon Davo:
Logistics 4 Talk to Theya Delfuego
Deductive Reasoning 4 Talk to Shaman Sheridan [Probably a Shaman mission]
Vision I 8 Go to Archon Hilton at Squentin's Garden [Probably an Archon Mission]
Question Everything 8 Go to Shaman Ghlad at Squentin's Garden [Probably a Shaman mission]
The Rite of Resilence 10 Go to Bloodsteel Mines, get 5 Bloodsteel [You also have to do the mission at Bloodsteel mines.]
Murder Most Foul 12 Go to Sentinel Paredes
The Rite of Service 15 Go to Tomis the Elder in Old Town
The First Duty I 16 Go to Archon Hilton at Squentin's Garden
Observation Post 20 Go to Archon Andrew in the Fetid Bayou
Archon Sastre:
High Note 7 Go to Archon Davon
Archon Jonas:
The Eager Warrior 16 Deliver Petition to Sentinel Drogan in Borderton
Champion Mareck:
Counting Coup [4] Collect Bloody Pike Skulls
Malitia Matters [4] Deliver Message
Dolcett Florece:
Tiptoe through the Tulips [4] Kill 5 Spitting Blossom (lvl 7)
More Bark Than Bite [4] Scan 5 dead trees
Craftworks [10] Get 5 Patched Blood
Landlord Sully:
Home is where the heart is [4] Get "Nightblaster 2" game disk from Pike Shortbed. (lvl 7)
Sentinel Paredes:
Old Town Terror I [12] Go to Archon Daza in Omphala [Probably an Archon Mission]
The Shepherd [13] Escort Fontin, Parrese, Hernandez [The escort mission are the 2 other mission from Peredes, and 1 from Champion Sala in Omphala.With one of these "in tow", stop outside Tocado/Omphala on the mission marker. If you don't and go straight into the portal, the mission will fail. The escort mission have improved with the .103 patch]
The Pious Archon [13] Escort Fontin to Squentin's Garden
The Privileged Archon [13] Escort Hernandez to Omphala
Higher Calling [14] Speak to Archon Davon
The Magic Bullet [18] Bring bullet to Shaman Montaine in Omphala
Shaman Cuentrel:
Sum of its Part [6] Go to Archon Abascal
Language Barriers [6] Go to Archon Davon
Shaman Ramirez:
Transistance I [9] Get 1 Patched Blood. Patch it at the refinery
Transistance II [10] Scan buildings in Tocado
Transistance III [14] Collect 10 venom sacs from Scorpions [For these scorpions, there are only 5 spawn that I know of. The venom sacs do not drop every time which means you have to do keep driving around. There is another mission later on that requires you to kill these Scorpions, so this might get frustrating when several players want to kill these.
Impedance [16] Collect 6 salvaged magnetics and 6 salvaged blood. [Magnetics can be found from Pike Vehicles, and blood from most plants/bugs. (check inventory/locker)]
Shaman Shereden:
Infrastructure [4] Collect 10 scrap aluminium
Superstructure [5] Collect 5 salvaged Power Cells
Zeman's Garage [5] Go to Zeman's Garage
Theya Delfuego:
The Business of... Ranching [5] Collect 12 Crawler Jelly
Ahh.. Youth [5] Spittin Blossom Seeds/Pike vehicle parts
The Business of... Business [5] Collect 12 Chaingun ammo
Can't Fight Against the Youth [5] Kill 12 pikes
Squentin's Garden Truck Stop:
Archon Hilton:
Hunting Season [9] Kill 10 Bloodspitter Bulls
Vision II [9] Kill Pike infantery {lvl 8-11} [Probably an Archon mission]
Power to the Dipole [9] Destroy 15 Power Poles
Prudence [6] Collect 3 supply crates from Pike Pillagers [Probably an Archon mission]
Forethought I [6] Go to Blood River spirit link [Probably an Archon mission]
The First Duty II [17] Collect 12 Rockers from Pike Missilemen [There are some in Pike Territory, and some more along Pilgrim's Road to the North. The ones to the north spawn with lvl 22 Bomberman, and don't spawn again until the bomberman are dead. Best chance to get them is in Pike Territory, but there you also have to chance to run into Blockade Runners and/or Mozak.... [Probably an Archon mission]
Avenger Maltis:
Biology [9] Collect 5 Bloodspitter Bull Corpses
Evolution [8] Collect 5 Organic Polymer
Tactical Update II [14] Deliver disk to Shaman Paredes in Tocado
Champion Attila:
Test of Valor [11] Kill 4 Alligrakes
Old Town Murder [13] Go to Shaman Montaine in Omphala [Probably a Shaman mission]
Hadris Wickit:
The Wager [8] Collect 10 Idols of Hamalzah
The Payout [8] Go to Champion Attila
Shaman Ghlad:
Town Business [8] Deliver Power cell
Learn Something [8] Get 1 Electronic from Pike Gasmen
Answer Nothing [8] Kill 10 Pike Infantery (lvl 8-11)[Text at the top says lvl 9-11][Probably a Shaman mission]
Code of Conduit [8] Use code box [Probably a Shaman mission]
Double your Estimates [9] Destroy 8 Pike Vehicles (lvl 9-11) [Probably a Shaman mission]
Credit Due [9] Go to Archon Davon in Tocado [Probably a Shaman mission]
Rumble in the Ruins [13] Kill 10 Scavs near Old Ruins {I've killed Scavs near VLA, which also works for this mission][Probably a Shaman mission]
Brass Tacks [14] Collect 8 Incendiary Shellcasings from Scav Gremlins [Probably a Shaman mission]
Crime Unit [14] Go to Shaman Montaine in Omphala [Probably a Shaman mission]
Sowing the Mutant Seed [20] Destroy 20 Seed Pods in Old Town[There is at least 1 at Temple Mountain that also counts as Seed Pod for this mission]
Shaman Harms:
Tempered in Fire I [9] Collect 11 scrap copper from Blood River Alligrakes [I'm not sure if the copper still stays in your inventory after completing this mission. If so, the easy way to finish this mission is to ask for scrap copper from a higher level player]
Tempered in Fire II [10] Collect 11 salvaged blood
Spirit Link:
Pike Studies [9] Destroy 5 Pike Vehicles (lvl 8-12)
Scav Studies [12] Kill 8 Scav Ambushers.
Battlefield Tour II [6] Go to station #3
Zeman's Garage: Crafting Tutorial
Shaman Dyre:
The Refinery I [5] Collect 2 salvaged Radioactive materials, 2 salvaged Nuts&Bolts and 2 salvaged Glass
The Refinery II [5] Refine those into Patched
The other mission are pretty much self-explaining. Talk to an NPC, learn crafting, buy something and craft it
Auryn's Redoubt:
Spirit Link:
Battlefield Tour I [6] Go to station #2 [Easy to miss this mission. It starts on top of the hill just south of Squentin's Garden.]
Road to Tocado
Wide Eyed [6]
Thicker then Water [6] Fill centeen with water [You just have to get into the river near the marker. After that, you can fill the canteen anywhere by right-clicking on it]
Dying Wish [7]
Last Words [7]
New Day Dawning [8]
Bloodsteel Badlands:
Spirit Link:
Battlefield Tour III [6] Go back to station #2
Abatement [12] Destroy 5 Pike Targets.
Action [8] Destroy 4 Scavs around Tocado [Probably an Archon mission]
Sentinel Zaryn:
The Good Eye [12] Destroy 12 Pike Vehicles
Five Finger Discount [12] Get Pike Supplies
Bag Man [13] Go to Avenger Malthis at Squentin's Garden Truckstop
Trader Crow:
Curious Crow [10] Go to INC Substation #26
Tonic Water [??] Collect 5 Nephrotic Tissue from Bloodspitter Bulls, and 3 Regurgitated Goo from River Blossom [Both of those can be found around Squentin's Garden]
INC Substation #26:
Tower #26-A:
Help Us [9] Collect 15 Raw Phosphorous
Help You [10] Destroy 9 Pike Pillagers
Flight Line Maintainance [12] Collect 4 Spools of Flightline from Pike Dirtbikes
INC is there for you [12] Go to Sentinel Zaryn
INCredulous [11] Go to Archon Davon
Tower #26-B:
INCentives [11] Collect 8 Salvaged Composites
Another LINC in the Chain [12] Collect 5 Scav Grenades
Belly Down [11] Collect 6 Scrap Tires
Can't Stop the Signal [12] Kill 10 Radio Scavs near VLA
Lost in the Satellite [12] Collect and Scan a Scav Broadcasting Rig [Appears to be fixed. I logged out after scanning and I could still finish the mission]
The Ride Up [13] Place beacons on VLA radio telescopes
The Plunge Down [13] Use INC laptop at the VLA
Archon Daze:
Old Town Terror II [14] Kill 15 Pikes [Probably an Archon mission]
Squeaky Wheels [14] Get Fuel Barrel from Pike Pillagers [Small bug: If you have this mission at the same time as Critical Mass, this fuel barrel will also count as 1 of the 5 you need for that mission. But if you complete any of these 2 mission, the counter for the other will decrease by 1. (so you still need 6 fuel barrels to complete both missions)] [Probably an Archon mission]
Inevitable Conclusion [14] Kill 20 pikes, 10 of which must be vehicles
Tactical Update [14] Go to Avenger Malthis at Squentin's Garden
Champion Forest:
Fan Boy I [13] Go to Shaman Montaine
Inspired Design [14] 5 Organic Polymer from Burning Xosage (lvl 17) , 4 Nephronic Tissue from Shielding Alligrakes (lvl 16) and 6 Duralloy Wiring from Power Poles [There are some lvl 14 Shielding Alligrakes near Blood River]
Flawed Implementation [15] Kill 10 Plains Blossoms
Champion Sala:
The Entitled Champion [13] Escort Initiate Parrese to Tocado. [This is a part of The Shepherd Mission from Sentinel Paredes in Tocado]
Docter Zareph:
Cherenkov Rediation [9] Collect 10 Salvaged Blood [Check your inventory/locker. There is a big chance you already have them.]
Cherenkov Radiation [10] Collect 11 Salvaged Energy Modulators from Pike soldiers. [Only 3 spawns near the Grease Pit, but they spawn again quickly. This mission probably need a II behind the name.]
Shaman Montaine:
Fan Boy II [13] Go back to Champion Forest
Exhibit A [] Collect 12 Rockers from Pike SSM
Verdict is Out [14] Kill 20 Pikes, and go to Sentinel Paredes in Tocado
The Samples [19] buy an Efficient Isotropic Power Plant for Shaman Montaine [It's for sale at the Vehicle Upgrade Specialist, price went up from 2439 in .93 to 3475 in .103]
Behind Bars [19] Go to Champion Sala
Shaman Ramsey:
Critical Mass [14] Collect 5 fuel barrels from Scav Singers [If you have this mission at the same time as Squeaky wheels, the fuel barrels for this mission will also count for Squeaky Wheels. If you complete this mission first, the 5 barrels will be removed from your inventory and Squeaky Wheels will no longer be listed as complete.
Fissile Core [14] Destroy 5 Skycraper Ruins
Nuclear Piles [15] Collect 5 Xosenium gas from Burning Xosage [You need this to repair the spirit link near Old Town, even though I have already recieved mission from it]
Shaman Rey:
Show Your Metal [15] Collect 10 Scav Tailpipes
The Scorpion's Sting [??] Collect 4 stingers from Badland Scorpions
Shaman Sakan:
Fabrication I [13] Collect 5 restored Power cells
Fabrication II [14] Kill 10 Plains Bloodspitters [Plains Bloodspitter range from lvl 12 to lvl 18, so this can be an easy or a hard mission]
Fabrication III [15] Go to Shaman Ghlad at Squentin's Garden
Shaman Tristan:
Gotta have Control [13] Kill 10 scavs near Old Town ruins
Remote Feed [15] Get the Astral Mast from Scavs [Scavs outside Borderton can also drop it]
Sentinel Drogan:
Taking out the Trash [16] Kill at least 15 Scavs
The Second Duty [16] Collect 15 Electronics from Pike supply crates [Both missions are unlockes after The First Duty (archon Davon, Tocado) which is a lvl 17 mission] [Probably an Archon mission]
The Third Duty [17] Kill 10 Scavs and 10 Pikes [Sweep the Pilgrim's Road clean, but the waypoint arrow points south, toward the Badlands] [Probably an Archon mission]
The Arcon Way [16] Go to Spirit Link near Temple Mountain [Unlocked after The Third Duty, which is a lvl 17 mission] [Probably an Archon mission]
Sentinel Goran:
Three Hots [16] Collect 10 Crusher Corpses from Burrowing Crushers [The waypoint arrows point to Encrusted Crushers, who drop the key items]
A Cot [17] Get the Box of Bedrolls from Pike Convoy Scouts
And Not Much Else [17] Collect 5 ounces of Crawler Jelly
Sentinel Styx:
Styx's Stones [16] Destroy 20 Pike vehicles, collect 5 Radiator Grills from Pike Sandrails
Break Some Bones [17] Destroy 7 Pike Roundhouses
So Pikes Will Never Hurt Him [17] Kill 20 Pikes (at least 10 vehicles) and collect 5 skulls from Pike Trollers
Sentinel Warren:
I Saw the Sign [16] Destroy 10 Quantar Billboards
Everywhere are Signs [17] Collect The Prophet's Word from Pike Rigs
Can't You Read the Signs? [??] Go to Avenger Malthis at Squentin's Garden
Blood River:
Spirit Link:
Forethought II [8] Go to Bloodsteel Mines Spirit Link [Probably an Archon mission]
Bloodsteel Mines:
Archon Mossholder:
Rock Lickers I [10] Destroy 3 Pike Bandit Towers
Rock Lickers II [11] Destroy 4 Round Houses
Brood War [11] Kill the Crawler Brood Queen [You can get the bloodsteel from Archon Davon without killing the queen. The queen will not spawn again, nor can you do these mission again. Now I'll never be able to get 100% in Bloodsteel mines. :-(]
Auryn's Monument:
Archon Vela:
In Auryn's Name [12] Use the 4 Plaques
Old Ruins:
White Flag [15] bring Bullet to Toc-cod-toe
Pike Dies, Brighteyes [14] Destroy 2 Pike Dirtbikes
Spirit Link:
Scav Culling [14] Destroy 5 Scav Targets (lvl 14-16)
Return Trip [15] Get 4 salvaged Enerty Modulators from Power Boxes [If you still have the Modulators from Cherenkov Rediation II you dont have to anything for this mission]
Tomis The Elder:
Earning Your Keep [16] Get 10 crawler legs, 3 rake steaks, and 4 crusher glands
Prove a Point [17] Get 7 Durallow Wiring Bundles
Getting the Gear [17] Give 5 bloodsteel to Tomis
Service with a Smile [18] Kill Boss Granby (lvl 17)
Pilgram's Road
Spirit Link
The Pilgrimage of Jared [18] Visit Mountain Monastery
Temple Mountain
Shaman Darius
Fuel for the Fire [19] Get 3 fuel barrels from the Fuel Depot [You don't have to stay parked there. Just drive across the marker and go back to Darius, the Fuel Barrels will still be loaded]
Complete the Pilgrimage of Jared [19] Go to the Temple Monk
Temple Gate
Prepare the Way [19] Speak with Darius
Temple Monk
Couldron Born [20] Stop Mozak (lvl 21) [A lvl 20 quest, as reward you get an ultra rare lvl 9 melee weapon]
Fetid Bayou:
Drive off the Pikes [22] Kill 2 Pike Big Shots and a Pike Bomberman
You get this mission when you reach waypoint 4th of The Long Walk
Archon Andrew:
Establish a Perimeter [20] Kill at least 20 Spore Busters
Scavenged Data [21] Collect 16 Library Disks from Scavs
Duty First [21] Go to Walker Wind
Orders from On High [21] Go to Avenger Aaron
Alligrake Attack [22] Kill 20 Young Alligrakes
Sharpened on the Pikes [22] Destroy at least 15 Pike Vehicles
Harness the Wind [22] Go to Walker Wind
There is no Sanctuary [23] Free the Zendigs in Barrancas Del Corazon , and speak with Brother Wolf in Sanctuary
Working on a Bloodfarm [24] Go to Samual Wichita in Bloodfarm
Avenger Aaron:
Secutiry Concerns [22] Run a 4-point patrol of the nearby swamp
Gaps in the Wall [20] Go to Archon Andrew
Tactical Stability [21] Kill 7 Slaughter Shooters and 5 Slaughter Bums
Briar Patch [21] Collect 20 Spore Sacs from Spore Busters
The Devil's Due [21] Kill 14 Swamp Devils (lvl 20-21)
The Long Walk [22] Go to each waypoint and use the scanner there.
Either this mission is bugged and had to be fixed, or it is working as inteded, but then it needs some better explaination.
If you're more then about 50 meters away, you can't use the scanner.
If you're closer then about 15 meters you are save and you can scan.
The problem is in between 50 and 15 meters. If you stop here or take too long too cross it, the mission will fail.
A Goodfellow to Know [23] Go to Goodfellow Starbuck in Sanctuary
Champion Eli:
Bedeviled [20] Kill 10 Swamp Devils (lvl 20-21)
Spit and Vinegar [20] Collect 8 Alligrake Skins from Young Alligrakes
An Interesting Find [20] Go to Shaman Dahlia
Protect the Frontier [20] Drive to all 9 waypoints
Spitting Blood [21] Kill 15 your Alligrakes
Pike Prospectin [21] Collect 3 Pike Data Loggers from Pike Sloggers
Paydirt [22] Go to Shaman Dahlia
Oppressor Man [21] Go to Archon Andrew
Molly's Millions [23] Go to Fightmaster Molly in Sanctuary
Labor Lost [24] Go to Goodfellow Starbuck in Sanctuary
Shaman Dahlia:
Devils in the Mists [20] Collect 12 canisters of Bladder Gas from Swamp Devils (lvl 20-21)
One Hand in the Honey [20] Use Repeller on 4 Itchitter Hives
Gift Horse Mouth [20] Go to Champion Eli
Research Project [20] Go to Shaman Tara
Gossamer Wings and Sliding Things [21] Collect 5 Cerebal Tissue from Itchitters
News is News [22] Go to Avenger Aaron
Tendrils of Madness [22] Collect 12 Tissue samples from Young Alligrakes and 12 from Swamp Devils (lvl 20-21)
The Other in the Cookie Jar [22] Follow waypoints and use the IFF Transponder near the waypointed area
Unforseen Outsome [22] Go to Archon Andrew
Straight Arrow [23] Go to Brother Arrow in Sanctuary.
Shaman Diana Tara:
A Store to Stock I [20] Collect 4 Dry Goods Pallets
A Store to Stock II [21] Collect 8 salvaged blood from Alligrakes
A Store to Stock III [21] Collect 12 Xosenium Gas from Swamp Devils (lvl 20-21)
Swamp Devils and Young Alligrakes again
A Store to Stock IV [22] Collect 8 Raw Aluminium from Pike Infantery
Walker Wind:
Sport Driving [20] Collect 12 boots from Pike Infanterymen
An Ill Wind [22] Collect 6 Plasma Torch Igniters from Scav Bandits
Death Walks with Me [22] Destroy 10 pike Fences, 2 Lookout Towers and 4 Supply Crates at the roadblock
A Grim Reminder [22] Go to Archon Andew
Barrancas Del Corazon:

The mission takes you to the West end where then Zendigs are imprisoned. You get another mission to lead the Zendigs to freedom. Follow them closely and kill all attackers. The mission will be a success if at least 5 Zendig make it out alive. You will get extra XP for every extra Zendig that makes it.
You have to finish this mission to open Sanctuary

Sanctuary: (Sanctuary will only open up after you finish the mission in Barrancas Del Corazon )
Brother Arrow:

Best Served Cold

[23] Kill 13 Pike Fireflies

Burn for Your Art

[23] Plant seeds at waypoints

Nothing is Over

[24] Kill 10 Slaughter Bandits and 10 Slaughter Thugs

This One's Will

[24] Go to Brother Wolf
Brother Wolf:

Reality Shows

[23] Follow waypoints through the Fetid Bayou

Arrow's Venom

[23] Go to Brother Arrow

Rock Papers

[24] Find a copy of the Writings of Hamalzah

Strike the Hammer

[24] Plant the Altered Writings of Hamalzah at the 4 waypoints

The Iron is Hot

[24] Collect 2 Zendig Generators from Pike Restrainers

Soon Come

[24] Go to Archon Andres at the Observatory
Fightmaster Lion:

Predatah or Prey

[23] Kill 20 Scavs in Zendig Territory

The Ties that Bind

[24] Collect 15 Wheelsnare Vines from Wheelsnare Weed

Patching Up Relations

[24] Fix the 4 Zendig Home's
Fightmaster Molly:
Life Goes On [24] Get 1 Intact Devil Corpse from Naught Devils
The Wonders of the World [23] Go to Goodfellow Starbuck
Pale in Comparison [24] Kill 10 Pike Rockfaces, 5 Pike Cannoniers and 5 Pike Firefly
Goodfellow Starbuck:
Out in the Cold [23] Get a Scav Journal from Infantery
No Coincidences [23] Kill 10 Pike Persuers
Fool me Once [23] Collect 8 Alligrake Hides
The waypoint arrow lead you to Young Alligrakes, who are level 20
Assuage Away [24] Go to Fightmaster Lion
Spy's Lies [23] Retrieve camera's from Biomek Tank Hulks
They are usually called Tank Husks (not Hulks)
Fool me Twice [23] Collect 20 Spitting Blossom Seeds from Swamp Spitters
Elite Speak [23] Go to Champion Eli at the Observatory
Repair the Bloodfarm [25] Complete the mission Light Rom, Realigning the Reactor, and The Toll is Paid
You get this mission when entering Bloodfarm
Salvaging for the Bloodfarm [26] This mission ends by talking to Shaman Mikera.
I don't know were I got it. (Could be Tocado, Omphala, Borderton...)
Archon Diaz:
The Terrible Toll I [25] Get the body of Archon Damascus
The Terrible Toll II [25] Get the body of Shaman Kessel
The Terrible Toll III [25] Get the body of Avenger Jenson
The Terrible Toll IV [25] Get the body's of the 4 Champions
The Toll is Paid [25] Go to Shaman Mikera
Avenger Cruise:
Powder Fingers [25] Get sample of Explosive residue from the 2 Pillars
Bullets in Blue [25] Collect 4 slugs from Boulders
Light Rom [25] Collect the Security Rom from the Spirit Link
Cruise Control [26] Partol the route
The Best Defense [26] Destroy 25 Scav Vehicles
The counter on the left only goes up to 20
A Grisly Reminder [26] Collect 13 heads from Scav Soldiers
From Cruise with... [26] Go to Sentinel Drogan in Borderton
The the Scav [27] Go to Theo in the Abandoned Biomek Outpost
Dakota Bound [28] Go to Dakota in Slaughter
Samuel Wichita:
Bloodfarm Woman [24] Go to Shaman Mikera
Embryonic Garden in the Shade [25] Go to Dulcette Flores in Tocado
Cruisin' For A.... [26] Go to Avenger Cruise
Erratic Alligrakes [24] Use bio-reader on 6 Cypress Trees
Heart-Graker [26] Collect 8 fresh Alligrake Hearts from Swamp Alligrakes
--> Need Name <-- [26] Treat 6 Willow Trees
Less then Grake [26] Kill 10 Swamp Alligrakes
Shaman Luck:
Bloodfarm Turrets [25] Go to the 8 Turrets
Bloodfarm Gate [25] Get the hinges from the Main Gate
Repairing Turrets [25] Reinstall the Circuit boards in the 8 turrets
Repairing Hydrolic Hinges [25] Reattach the Hydrolic Hinges to the main gate
Realigning the Reactor [25] Use the Scanner on each of the 8 Turrets
Grab Brass [26] Collect 10 Brass from supply crates
I had 9 after smashing through the first camp
Men of Steel [26] Collect 20 units of Scrap Steel from Scavs foot soldiers
Montaine's Blessing [26] Go to Shaman Montaine in Omphala
Shaman Mikera:
Diaz'd and Confused [24] Go to Archon Diaz
Going to Wichita [25] Go to Samuel Wichita
The Good 'Ol Diaz [26] Go to Archon Davon in Tocado
The Replacements [26] Go to Champion Mareck in Tocado
Press Your Luck [27] Go to Shaman Luck
Theo's Camp:
Alice's Restaurant [27] Collect 12 Putrid Bloodspitter Eyes
Alice's Wonderland [27] Kill 12 Jungle Snare
My Name is Blastie [28] Go to Theo
Go ask Alice [27] Go to Alice
Theo's Belts [27] Collect 12 Ribbons (from Scav Burner Boats)
Scav Re-Fuse-al [27] Collect 10 fuses from old vehicle husks
Here's Blastie! [22] Go to Blastie
Indicated level is a bit weird, as all the others are lvl 27 missions.
Jeremiah's Journal. I noticed this mission in my journal because there was a gear showing above a dumpster in slaughter. I do not remember accepting this mission, nor do I know who gave it to me.
I abandoned it to search for the NPC but I can't find it anymore.
You have to search for the 3 parts of Jeremiah's Journal in dumpsters in Slaughter.
Working Girl [26] Collect 12 letters from Scav Vehicles
I've had a hard time finding these. Got 11, then nothing for a long time untill I gave up and /bugged it. Shorty after I found the 12 th whil just killing some scavs
Rhythm Method [28] Go to Dwayne Dub
What's a Girl to Do? [28] Collect 6 crates of CB'er Gear
Dear John [30] Go to Jeremiah in Scav Camp in the Alligrake Breeding Ground
A Better Tomorrow [33] Go to Jeremiah at the Scav Camp
A Piece of the Action [28] Collect 12 Scav Heads
These don't seem to drop very often
An Offer He Won't Refuse [28] Go to Jayden
Lambs to the Slaughters [28] Kill 23 CB'ers
Pay the Man [30] Go to Sulaiman at the Scav Camp
Dwayne Dub:
Across the Tracks [28] Collec the disks from the VW Collection Box
Besides Kills [28] Kill 15 CB'er Locals
Confiscating All the Money [28] Collect 6 Scav Sacks from Scav Dirtstormers (lvl 27-30)
Took me a while, they don't seem to drop very often
Abdicting with the Honey [28] Go to Cinnamon
And My Axe! [29] Get an Axe from Cb'er Reps
Gotta Get Mine [26] Get 12 Payne Flasks CB'er Infantery
Uraniam Extractor [24] Go to Lynn
Gotta Take it Easy [29] Kill 15 CB'ers
To the Victor [29] Go to Dakota
...Go the Spoils [28] Collect 12 Scav Crates from Vehicles
The Nuts and Bolts [28] Kill 15 Putrid Bloodspitters (lvl 27-29)
Loose Screws [28] Collect 4 Grounded Stem Bolts
These can be found on wrecks
Fix Or Repair Daily [26] Get a Biomek Display and a Nano-Controller from Theo's Place
Ford ;-)
Math So Tight [29] Go to Dwayne Dub
Radio Shock [30] Collect 5 Radio Crystals from CB'er Vehicles
A Spiral Array [30] Go to Devorah at the Scav Camp
Scav Camp: (Alligrake Breeding Ground)
Power to Overcome [30] Travel to the 5 waypoints
A Tribute to the Future [31] Get an Alligrake Heart and a Muck Demon Heart
Steer the Course [32] Go to Jeremiah
Aria [32] (Can't remember, and I don't have a screenshot of it)
Ol' One Eye [40] Defeat Ol' One Eye in the Deep Swamps and bring the heart back to Devorah
A mission to kill a level 40 Boss, that you get at level 31 or 32
Letters from Home [31] Collect 10 Scav Journals
A Past that Never Was [31] Destroy 12 CD'er Vehicles
A Future that Will not Be [32] Wrap Road Marker signs with Foil
Closure [32] Go to Cinnamon in Slaughter
The Heart of the Matter [33] Investigate the Pike Camp in Barrances Del Corazon
Balance the Scales [33] Collect 6 Scav Sacks
And Justice for All [33] Paste a Poster on each of the 6 CB'er warehouses at the Truckstop
Crossroads of Life [30] Go to Crossroads
Just enter Crossroads and this mission will end
What's in a Name? [31] Kill 10 CD'er Slingers, 5 CD'ers Reps and 5 CD'er Aerials.
From the Grave of Kings [30] Collect 10 Heads from Scav Soldiers
Amphora [34] Get a Fueltank from Payne Confederates
There are only 2 usuable spawns. The 3 rd is in Scav Territory, but they are accompanied by at least 1 level 39 ( Payne Number Two )
Pull it Together I [35] Run the tubes through the tank
Tubular Hells [36] Get a set of Copper-sheathed Tubing from Ignitin' Paynes
Pull it Together II [36] Use the fuel tank
40 Watt Range [37] Get a Cooking Maser from Paynes
Crew Chief Heffington:
Luciphers [34] Kill 25 Hinterthicks (lvl 33-35)
Finished it at level 25 or 26. These are plants, and they can also be found at the west end of Highway 100, where there are not many other mobs
You don't hit them very often because of the level difference, but you can ram them repeatly untill they are dead.
Maintenance Run [35] Fix the Motorpool's AC Unit
Ran into mobs from level 29 to level 41 there
Payneful Truth [36] Collect 12 CD'er Crates from CD'er Dishers
5 Clink Car [34] Collect 20 Smoke Detectors from Old World Ruins.
You just have to destroy ruins to get them. I finished this mission at level 21.
Put On and Pissed Off [35] Kill 25 Scavs
Scavs can be round around several places. Finished this mission at level 25 or 26.
Nuts to You [35] Place Satchel Charges at Scav Shanties
There are some Shanties near Slaughter which are not that hard to get to. Finished at level 25 or 26.
10 – 16 [36] Collect 5 Grounded Stem Bolts from Payne Puddlejumpers, 10 'Molly' Carburators from Payne Runners and 15 kegs of Payne Fuel from Payne Confederates
CB'er Command: (The entrance is inside Crossroads)
El Oso:
Road Rules [38] Kill 20 Payne soldiers and their Burnin' Towers
Casing the Joint [38] Scan 3 INC Command Towers
Security Chief Vella:
Safe as Houses [38] Collect 10 liters of Alligrake Spit from Savage Alligrakes

All Credits for this Mutant missions guide go to Darkwing


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