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General Jack "Dutch" Dunlap

Full Name: Jack William Dunlap

Callsign: “Dutch”

Race: Biomek

Class: Level 100 MasterMind (Officer)

Age: roughly 220

Birthplace: Unknown (Old Earth)

Weight: 225

Height: 6’ 6”

Hair: None

Eyes: Augmented

Skin Features: Unknown


Adjectives: Grizzled, Salty, Veteran

Favorite Quote: Unknown

Favorite Colors: Unknown

Favorite Food: Refined Protein

Favorite Vehicle: Modified C.O.R.E

Favorite Weapon: Biomek Microlaser and Flamethrower

Blood Type: (Very little blood remaining, mostly Heavy Weight Oil now)                       


Jack Dunlap may very well be the oldest living humanoid on the planet.  He was one of the original bio-mechanization volunteers almost 200 years ago, during which hundreds of soldiers were left dead or crippled from unsuccessful experiments.  Jack was one of the rare successes, perhaps because he was like a robot to begin with.  One of the most dangerous and successful special operatives of the time, Jack was often described as an emotionless killing machine by his peers in black ops.  Part of his success is due to his exquisite gift for strategic planning.  He never entered a fight that he couldn't win, and never executed an assignment without tirelessly analyzing all possible approaches to ensure maximum success.

He has lived through it all.  He remembers first hand the betrayal of the Humans, the horrible devestation wrought by their "Final Solution".  He observed it all through the cold, analytical eyes of a Biomek.  His bleak outlook on life and the universe brought him to the conclusion that surviving--to continue to exist--is all that matters.  Internally, he solidly believes he will endure to the end of time and outlast all who pass before him.


Jen “Vinediction” Kierce

Full Name: Jennifer Arieko Kierce

Callsign: “Vinediction”

Race: Human

Class: Level 100 Bounty Hunter (Ranger)

Age: roughly 25

Birthplace: Ark 1

Weight: 125

Height: 5’ 11”

Hair: Jet Black, Shoulder blade length but usually tied up in some practical fashion with loose strands here and there.

Eyes: Dark Blue, unnatural tone & wide iris

Skin Features: Light Tan (Caucasian/Asian/Hispanic mix).  Subtle scar from right cheek bone to right temple.


Jen is the poster child for Humanity’s fight for survival.  Born and raised in Ark 1, she received an early, first hand education of the horrors the repulsive Mutants and insane Biomeks are capable of.

At the age of 3, her mother succumbed to Contamination poisoning while on an exploratory venture to find fauna samples.  A personal shield failure resulting from a Biomek ambush on the Human convoy was the cause of her exposure.
At the age of 5, she witnessed her father’s gruesome death at the hands of a captive Mutant Prophet.  The Mutant’s suicidal mental blast caused violent brain hemorrhages in her Commando father, who had been guarding the prisoner from a mere 2 feet away.   The mind bomb blazed a permanent scar through Jen’s face… down to her very soul.

For 20 years since, Jen has trained to become Humanity’s most prized special agent.  Although she has likely paid whatever imagined debt she owed to non-Humans back a hundred times over, she cannot shake the need to send regular vengeance checks to the enemy.

Known equally well by her call sign, “Vinediction,” Kierce is utterly cold, calculating, and ruthless in combat. She does not waste emotions or feelings for the enemy; many consider her an efficient eliminator of wasteful and troublesome pests – an exterminator of the enemies of Humanity in the Central Wastelands. One may even say that it is her passion or an obsession to destroy these enemies. Any who do not follow this path simply do not deserve consideration or even attention.


Contrary to what you might think, she doesn’t hate non-Humans.  Hate would imply a relationship, somehow connecting her with the pitiful creatures.  She does not waste emotions on mere insects.  Jen dissects her enemies with all the emotion of a surgeon in winter.  She learns what she can, and continues on her infinite path of retribution.
She is an efficient eliminator of wasteful and troublesome pests, an exterminator employed by Humanity to clean house before they move back in.
Her single-minded obsession is to eliminate her targets.  If you do not share her passion, you are not worth a passing glance.
She of course harbors a very deep, secret longing for missed paternal relationships.  She avoids dealing with this emotional blackhole by relentlessly combating her enemies.

Adjectives: Disturbed, Distant, Deadly Beautiful.

Favorite Quote: “This war is not about who’s right.  It’s about who’s left.”

Favorite Colors:  Human Blue, and Jet Black to match her soul.

Favorite Food: Tasty Wheat

Favorite Vehicle: Modified Callisto

Favorite Weapon: Incision Laser

Blood Type: O



Angelica “Retribution” Diaz

Angelica was born into the well-known and prestigious Diaz family in Tocado and lived in the shadow of her mother, the Prime Avenger Dominique “Destiny” Diaz. Instead of taking up the mantle of Prime Avenger, Angelica had other plans, allying herself with Avenger-General Michael Fuegos of the Elite Cadre and completing her Rites of Ascension two years early so she could get into the action of the front lines and combat as soon as possible. Administration and other rear-area tasks were not for her.

Currently Angelica serves as chief scout and forward observer for the Elite Cadre, a clan of the best Warriors of the Tribes where she also serves as second-in-command. She has no ambitions for a command position however, preferring front line duty and dangerous missions instead – tasks that have earned her some of the highest medals awarded among the Tribes of the Chosen.

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