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The Wasteland Landmarks


Starter Cities:

Biomek: Fort Logan

Built on the grounds of an ancient pre-apocalyptic reserve base, Fort Logan has grown into a secure, stable base of operations for Biomeks of all types.

The Biomek Order sees the existence of Scrap Valley as a large buffer between its venerable breeding grounds and biotechnology facilities in the Civilian Sector and the front line areas that border the Human and Mutant races. Because the entire area constitutes a potentially huge battleground, Biomek development in this region is limited to a few small facilities and one major military stronghold, designated Fort Logan. Built on the grounds of an ancient pre-apocalyptic reserve base, Fort Logan has grown into a secure, stable base of operations for Biomeks of all types. General Dunlap is the commander-in-chief for the entire region.

Normally the Biomek procedure for a region inhabited by inferior humanoids and other miscreants is one of forced conversion for those deemed acceptable and liquidation of all others, followed up later on with reconstruction programs and ecological reform. The Order deemed such buildup in Scrap Valley unreasonable and inefficient given the amount of conflict projected, so they instead decided on a program of progressive conversion and pacification. Normally these factions would not pose a major threat to Biomek facilities, but in fact the Order found their existence extremely useful.

New members of the Order make their way through The Wastes and Malachite Copper Mine to Fort Logan on a regular basis. Once they've established Fort Logan as their new base of operations, these Biomek operatives conduct combat, reconnaissance, and other missions into Scrap Valley and beyond. In fact, many veteran Biomek warriors are housed in Fort Logan proper, sharing their knowledge and expertise with the newly enhanced. These operations are meant to reduce, but not completely eliminate, these factions from the Valley so they can be used for future Biomek generations. In recent months however the Valley has become more destabilized; the Pikes have rebelled under a new leader, the ancient TemperNet robots have made their presence known once again, and groups of Scavs have been seen pillaging from the corpses of the fallen.


Mutant: Tocado

While The Citadel is the most famous Mutant city, Tocado is growing the most - in both size and influence.

Of the Mutant cities that have thrived, The Citadel was the first and is the most famous – it's the current capital of the Tribes of the Changed, and remains the first bastion of the Mutant struggle for freedom from Humanity. Other Mutant towns are known for their particular emphasis on disciplines: Shamans flock to Omphala; Avengers (known as Sentinels) reside in Borderton and defend sacred Temple Mountain. However, the city that's growing the fastest, both in size and influence – is Tocado.

Now beginning its third generation, Tocado is currently the most popular source of the Tribes' newest warriors. Many return here, fresh from the nearby proving grounds, to exhibit their worth to the leaders, dignitaries, and other inhabitants of the town – especially Archon Davon. As a Prime Archon and governor of Tocado, Archon Davon embodies the principles of the Spirit Tribe. Not only is he a member of the powerful Davon family, a logician, and a theologian of the highest order, but Davon himself is famous for negotiating the Zendig protectorate treaty that makes trade with the Zendigs possible. Mutants who have joined the warrior caste and exhibit potential may find themselves in regular discussions with the Archon.

With its proximity to other locations of Mutant knowledge and spirituality, Tocado is second only to The Citadel in political power - despite its young age. In addition, Tocado's importance is growing due to the ever-increasing influence of its younger generations on the Tribes at large. Many traders and merchants operate out of Tocado, where everything essential to a young warrior is offered – for a price. OCD even operates a facility there for sporting and entertainment purposes.

Simply put, Tocado is the wave of the future for the Mutant race.


Human: Upside

Hestia Company referred to the spot of Humanity’s return to the surface as Ascension. Those that emigrated immediately coined the growing city Upside.

As the Hestia Company first emerged from Ark I, the process of the Reclamation Project was already long underway. Nestled deep in a series of rolling hills and newly formed ranges of low mountains, Hestia Company referred to this spot of the Humans' return to the surface as Ascension. Those that emigrated to the surface, to live life anew in this new world, immediately coined the growing city Upside.

In the following months, the name of Upside took hold, despite Hestia's weak objections. Many of those that left the Ark saw the surface as a new beginning, a dramatic change in the predictable and somewhat sterile way of life in the Ark that Hestia had designed for them (after all, it's part of their logo). Therefore, as the vernacular went, living on the surface “had plenty of upside.” That wasn't all, however. Even before the construction of the city grid, Hestia established a series of powerful energy shields around the hills and valleys – a protective barrier against the powerful factions its reconnaissance-in-force patrols had already encountered. These shields produced a bright blue glow, which attracted many of the indigenous, downtrodden peoples still on the surface. Hestia saw an immediate need for their use, and after proper processing and adjustment introduced them into the new colony (the Ark was entirely off limits). To them – living within the new city also had tremendous “upside.”

Currently Upside is the largest pure Human settlement in all the Central Wastelands. It acts as the cradle of Humanity, where ambassadors and representatives from other settlements visit, meet, and plan how they can emulate Hestia's relative success with Upside. While access to the Ark proper is heavily restricted (it is even rumored by conspiracy theorists that once you leave the Ark you can never come back), Upside houses the largest population of pure Humans in the Central Wastelands and is home to the Frontier Location Command and other military organizations. In fact, housing and commercial endeavors have quadrupled within the last year, as many young recruits in the armed and science services pass through Upside before deploying into the unknown – while others continue to call it home today.






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