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The Wasteland Landmarks


.......Ground Zero

This region used to be the site of a national park famous for its rock and dune formations. The dunes are still here, but they have been transformed in the last two hundred years. At first, the crater that was created by the damaged alien pod went unnoticed by an outside world that had troubles for its own. Now, however, word has gotten out about the unusual resources found within. Humans, Mutants, and Biomeks alike hunt the canyons for these resources, and for each other.

-Redline Outpost


As the three races encroached into the Ground Zero region they came upon the ancient, abandoned Outposts, remnants of the armies of the Old World. Those that study history believe the armies constructed these Outposts to help contain the Contamination and other strange occurrences in and around the region, and especially the giant crater that marks Ground Zero. Long abandoned, the Outposts were not defenseless; ancient computers still maintained the powerful defensive batteries, destroying any lifeform not deemed friendly that stumbled into the Outpost. Unfortunately for the three races, they were not considered to be friendly.

The Humans’ foray into the area around the Redline Outpost area met with disaster. At first, they were met by hordes of deadly Contaminated creatures and the ultra-zealots of the Army of Justice. This concentrated resistance forced the Humans to retreat and regroup. Weeks later, reinforced by the elite unit known as the Red Brigade, the Human expedition successfully managed to establish a toehold in the northern side of Ground Zero. The Engineers then built several permanent bases and facilities to support these forward troops. Today the Red Brigade maintains a dominant presence, patrolling the region, maintaining the various facilities, and attempting to control the mutated wildlife as well as the legions of Justice followers.

Despite this presence, the Humans have yet to take complete control over the nearby Redline Outpost. Long-range reconnaissance indicated the existence of a control structure in one end of the Outpost that a driver may override and reprogram, but the attackers must destroy or otherwise occupy the defensive turrets first. Built against a range of mountains, however, the avenues of approach to Redline Outpost are limited. It is perhaps for this reason that the Outpost was nicknamed “Redline”, for it will take a fast and furious attack to capture it.


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The town of Bassettville used to attract tourists eager to see the famous sand dunes. An impact from an alien ship transformed the town from tourist mecca to steaming crater. Now Bassettville attracts tourists of a different sort.



Justice has a strong presence in the region, no doubt after its unique resources. Rumor has it that there is a Justice stronghold near the central crater.


.......INC Rest Stop

Welcome to INC. We put the 'inc' in think. Please feel free to peruse our facilities at your will. Here at your friendly and innovative INC Trans Facility you can find all your Crafting and Refining needs within easy walking distance. We do ask that while you are here you adhere to the laws of Neutral Protocol and not kill anyone. Thank you. "Shop and compare, there's no one else there" INC

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Quiet Caverns

INC's purpose in maintaining these barren facilities is unknown, but they do at least provide a resource for crafting, and a respite from the carnage of the wastelands outside.


.......OCD Coliseum Arena

Built in a long-forgotten city, the location of the Coliseum is a well-guarded secret known only to the Organization of Combat Driving, and presumably the INC. Here, the OCD tests the warriors of the wasteland in their quest to weed out the weak, and find those that are truly elite.

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Justice Challenge

You must defeat justice in a variety of challenges that will not only test your reflexes, but your intelligence as well. Are you ready?


Justice Mega Challenge

Now it's time to fight against the best that Justice had to offer. These champions will ask for no quarter, and take none. Be prepared for an epic battle!


.......Battle Pitz Tavern

Private Replenishment Facilities are not fully sanctioned by the Order, but are allowed to exist where their benefit is apparent. Because of their partially independant status, they typically offer entertainments in addition to the necessary Nanite infusions.

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Having built a substantial warchest from his activities in and around Ground Zero, Pitz tired of travel time between killings. He pays young, aggressive Meks for importation of enemies to this facility.


Are You Not Replenished???

Human and Mutant captives are often sent to the pit. Some of the toughest actually manage to survive one or two rounds.


Care and Feeding

Due to some weakness in their disposition or genetic make-up, the Human and Mutant captives are unable to eat Biomek rations. They require their native food-stuff in order to regain their strength for their visit to the Pit.



The Biomek mandate requiring enhancement of captives may or may not extend to Human or Mutant combatants. While the point of law is debated in Root, Patrons at Battle-Pitz can enjoy watching the captives' last battles.


.......The Tower

This fortress gets its name from its owner, The Tower. The name is a surprisingly good fit, however. The tower itself is perched on a high mesa, only accessible by a single winding road that is easily defended. Only the most determined attacke will ever scale its heights.

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Toppling the Tower

The Tower is one of the most feared commanders in Justice. He is so sadistic, even for Justice, the he has become overwhelmingly unpopular. Rumor has it that he was removed from active command. Only few souls are loyal to him anymore. Now, he dows nothing but hide in his fortress, hoping to escape the inevitable retribution that his actions have bought for him.

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