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The Wasteland Landmarks


.......The Wastes

The tenets of efficiency requires through reuse and recycling of all materials. For this reason, all waste from non-combatant areas is transported here for sorting and reallocation.


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Waste Not

As the prospective combatant Biomeks move toward the combat zone, they are encouraged to hone their fledgling skills on whatever they can find. In this way, even the most depleted substance can serve one final purpose for the Order.



.......Malachite Copper Mine

Four distinct copper veins converged at a single point, making it the richest deposit of copper ore in the known world. Calculations predict a 76.89% probability that current levels can be maintained for the next 30 years.



Once having proven themselves as a strong, combat-ready Candidate, Biomeks are frequently ordered to the Malachite Mines area for intensive operations meant to acclimatize a Biomek to the rigors of the Central Wastelands. One of the richest deposits of copper ore in the known world, the Malachite Mines area is a perfect staging area for Candidates. Here the Biomek Order administers the mining operations and the resident group of Pikes through the use of Candidates and a small scattering of supervisors, while deflecting any kind of threat to the valuable production of copper with massive firepower.

The Malachite area is dominated by a strip-mined crater dug deep into the earth referred to by the Biomeks and Pikes alike as “The Pit.” It is extremely deep, split into multiple levels and dotted with mining machinery and Pike encampments. To the east of The Pit the highway runs north-south through the region, passing several Pike villages before leading to the demilitarized zone and Fort Logan. Goo seepage has been an issue on the north rim of The Pit, where the Contamination has taken hold and may eventually threaten production.

Deep in the heart of The Pit is where the bulk of the mining operations take place, and where the majority of the Pikes work, congregate, and live. The Biomeks have many uses for the Pikes, breeding material and genetic fodder for instance, but especially for their gifted mining ability (stemmed from their religious belief that their god exists in rocks). Given that the Pikes serve the Order’s best interests they let the Pikes pretty much do what they want, but the Order will rigorously put down any Pike troublemaking or uprisings, which have been on the increase lately (and prompted the Order to build an armed supply depot in the southwestern area of The Pit).


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The Pikes have demonstrated a 26.28% greater efficiency than any other studied creature when it comes to mining. For this reason, they are allowed to live and work in the mine. Any Pike that attacks a Biomek, however, must be destroyed. Incidents of this sort have been increasing lately...



The Serial Accelerating Launch Tube (SALT) situated in the pit is designed to both limit access to Detention Facility and make reaching it efficient for Biomeks with sufficient clearance.


Contaminated Deposits

NEWS ALERT: Recent studies reveal that 14.96% of all Malachite Mine copper deposits have been contaminated by the goo that is seeping into the area from the north! The long-term effects of this have not been calculated...



Because 86.45% of the Scavs living in and around the mine complex are unfit to recieve enhancements, their elimination is mandated to prevent theft of essential Biomek resources.



The oxidization of the copper-rich soil results in impressive bursts of color. The aesthetic nature of these blooms is irrelevant. The ore deposits these stains herald are of critical importance to the Order.


.......Malachite Detention Center

This is the Biomek Order's repository for Pike's who refuse to work for them in the Malachite mine. The Pike's within this facility are used for experimentation.


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The Pikes have rioted within the Malachite Detention Center. If they escape the facility, the entire Malachite Copper Mine could be in jeopardy. The Order must contain this situation before it gets out of hand.


.......Scrap Valley

After the Betrayal the Biomek Order established a base on the ruins of Fort Logan, they referred to the valley south of the base as Scrap Valley for its abundance of recyclable sources. The highway that passes through the valley, dubbed Highway 89 by the Humans, became known by this name. Using the Traitors' term for the region is a punishable offense.



Northeast of Fort Logan in Scrap Valley lies one of the most extraordinary weather phenomena to occur since the arrival of the Contamination and the Betrayal. Located near Detton Pass (what most Biomeks refer to as “Canyon Run”), this area has been under the influence of what can only be called a permanent stationary cold front. Recent research conducted by the Archives Section indicates that at some point following the Betrayal an immense cold-air weather system flowed down from the north, dropping the ambient temperature rapidly and pelting the earth with constant blinding blizzards and powerful ice storms.

The massive high-pressure system, created by the constant inflow of the strange meteorites around Cinderfall, trapped the front in the region. Other cold fronts that move into the vicinity simply amalgamate themselves into the existing stationary weather system, generating a perpetual ice age in this section of Biomek territory they officially designate as the Northern Perimeter, though most informally refer to it as “Flashfreeze.” The Order has not conducted much research into how such a phenomenon can actually occur – all they are concerned about is how the cold weather will affect their presence and combat operations at any given time.

Likewise, the indigenous population of the area – the Pikes and the mutated Contaminated biologics - have adapted to the extreme temperatures of Flashfreeze in a variety of ways. These environmental adaptations give the locals a distinct advantage in the snowy expanses of Flashfreeze. Pikes also mostly control several of the pre-Betrayal military installations that dot the area, which makes them much more dangerous than the Pikes in the Malachite Mines area that Biomeks may be accustomed to. There is even rumor of a secret research facility hidden deep within Canyon Run, but no one has confirmed its presence given the dominance of Pikes in the region. Agents have reported the presence of a well-known Biomek officer, Crevice, in the region. However, due to atmospheric conditions he has apparently been unable to communicate with the Order directly.

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Though heavily picked-over, there are many resources to be gleaned from the ruins scattered through the valley. Also, many Biomeks earn vast amounts of clink by tearing buildings down around the ears of their Pike inhabitants.



Many Pikes fail to adapt to augmentation when captured in the wild. These beings are tormented by the very nanites that were designed to set them free. Some theorize that a lingering faith in Hamalzah is causing the schism known as Cyber Psychosis. These conscripts are often found at a place they call Rust where it is hoped they will recover and return to active duty.


Points of Interest

Before The Betrayal. Highway 89 was a major artery for trucking and military training. Many small military bases lay forgotten in the mountains in this region.


Unknowm Threat

Many Biomeks have reported encounters with mechanical beings of great power. All reports have been gathered from shaken warriors waiting for their vehicles to be repaired. Few of these drivers are willing to return to the southern end of the valley, preferring to serve inefficiently and in disgrace.



The Biomek Order is aware that there are many hazards on the highway. For this reason they have contracted with an airlift service provider known as INC. INC will deliver non-functional vehicles to the last repair stations that vehicle visited.


Final Billet

Many Biomek warriors stationed at Fort Logan are veterans of great repute. They are tasked with downloading their knowledge to their successors before returning to the civilian sector.


Non-Sentient Life

Formerly docile species have been altered by over two centuries of exposure to the nuclear, chemical and biological agents used by the Humans during the Betrayal. These mutated creatures make traveling the wastelands extremely hazardous. They also serve as living reminders of the Humans' treachery.


.......Fort Logan

Fort Logan is the seat of power in the Scrap Valley region. Built on the grounds of an ancient pre-apocalyptic reserve base, Fort Logan has grown into a secure, stable base of operations for Biomeks of all types. It serves as a training point for new Biomek warriors and a final billet for wise and loyal veterans. General Dunlap is the Commander in Chief of the region and takes the cross-loading of knowledge very seriously.


The Biomek Order sees the existence of Scrap Valley as a large buffer between its venerable breeding grounds and biotechnology facilities in the Civilian Sector and the front line areas that border the Human and Mutant races. Because the entire area constitutes a potentially huge battleground, Biomek development in this region is limited to a few small facilities and one major military stronghold, designated Fort Logan. Built on the grounds of an ancient pre-apocalyptic reserve base, Fort Logan has grown into a secure, stable base of operations for Biomeks of all types. General Dunlap is the commander-in-chief for the entire region.

Normally the Biomek procedure for a region inhabited by inferior humanoids and other miscreants is one of forced conversion for those deemed acceptable and liquidation of all others, followed up later on with reconstruction programs and ecological reform. The Order deemed such buildup in Scrap Valley unreasonable and inefficient given the amount of conflict projected, so they instead decided on a program of progressive conversion and pacification. Normally these factions would not pose a major threat to Biomek facilities, but in fact the Order found their existence extremely useful.

New members of the Order make their way through The Wastes and Malachite Copper Mine to Fort Logan on a regular basis. Once they've established Fort Logan as their new base of operations, these Biomek operatives conduct combat, reconnaissance, and other missions into Scrap Valley and beyond. In fact, many veteran Biomek warriors are housed in Fort Logan proper, sharing their knowledge and expertise with the newly enhanced. These operations are meant to reduce, but not completely eliminate, these factions from the Valley so they can be used for future Biomek generations. In recent months however the Valley has become more destabilized; the Pikes have rebelled under a new leader, the ancient TemperNet robots have made their presence known once again, and groups of Scavs have been seen pillaging from the corpses of the fallen.

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General Dunlap is known for his ability to see potential where others see inexperience. Those that earn his respect almost universally rise to greatness within the Order.



Efficiency is paramount in all Biomek operations. Any Biomeks who innovate and increase the overall efficiency of the Order will be rewarded.



The Biomek Order has mandated enhancement of all viable creatures and humanoids. Some sentient species have problems adapting to the augmentation, but the Order's scientists anticipate breaking the 25% cumulative survival rate very soon.



In the months following the Betrayal, members of an elite mechanized force that had been abandoned by their superiors met in Fort Logan. Banding together, they formed the nucleus of a new force in the area. This force evolved to become the Biomek Order.



The Biomek Order formed with the common good of its members in mind. The spirit of interdependence remains even today. The Order rewards those who go the extra kilometer to help their fellow warriors.



Though Root is the arguably best place to learn high-level craft skills, Fort Logan offers Biomeks all the facilities necessary for plying their trades.


.......Fort Logan Studio Apartment

A step above the quarters granted to trainees, these quarters are efficient and convenient. With adequate funds, they may be enhanced with amenities, but these will never be defined as opulent.


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A warrior must maintain sufficient power reserves to meet any situation. It is the duty of every Biomek to be prepared at all times.


.......Fort Logan NRF

Most Biomek Enhancements rely upon various nano-machines to function properly. These "Nanites" require periodic replenishment of the base materials they use to repair equipment and maintain organic matter. Nanite Replenishment Facilities offer a relaxing environment in which to imbibe Nanite-infused nutrients.

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Older Models

Many of the older Biomeks come to Fort Logan to cross-load their knowledge with the next generation. They are sources of local and historical information, but nothing is free...



Biomek nanotechnology is based upon Fullerenes and multi-layered silicon computer power. The technology has advanced considerably from the days of Biomechanized Raiders, but the underpinnings remain the same.



Once officially named Camp Halbert, this town is used for convalescent biomeks figting Cyber-Psychosis. Because of the low recovery rate and the Order's reluctance to squander resources on inefficient Biomeks, the inhabitants are poorly maintained. Virtually all Biomeks refer to the site as Rust for obvious reasons.

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Other Incentives

Those Pike volunteers who can tolerate the temptation to listen for Hamalzah, often choose to work in one of a handful of Biomek-operated mining complexes like the one in Half Moon Hill.


Augmentation Candidates

Volunteers who are recruited by surviving, enhanced family members are 15.80% more likely to survive the process themselves. This metric is the main reason a recuperative center such as Rust is tolerated at all.



Some conscripted Biomeks hold a deep enough attachment to their biological families that is quialifies as a religious mania. These familial thoughts are treated with the corrective discomfort as though they were thoughts of Hamalzah. When the Biomek has gained a degree og perspective, latitude of thought is returned.



It has been well documented that humanoids that volunteer for biomechanical enhancement have a substantially increased survival rate over those pressed into service. This is frequently attributed to the subjects' level of willingness to subjugate old thought patterns to those of the Order.



Winston benefits from the steady flow of Biomeks to and from the front lines. Because of this natural commerce stream, the finest craftsmeks have gathered here to ply their trades and teach trade discipline to curious Biomeks.


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Shortly after the Betrayal, Colonel Alexander Billings established Winston as the primary supply depot for his forces. Though the Order itself has changed greatly in the intervening years, Winston continues to be a key in the supply chain.



Winston's leader is discussing the feasibility of building a second approach to the secure facility to reduce the strategic value of Big Horn Canyon. While the double approach introduces some security risks, Havok believes these are less than the potential for losing access to Fort Billings entirely if a single point gets captured.



For all its logistical value, Winston does not serve a front-line role in the conflict. For this reason, little has been done to stave off the ravages of time. This is one reson that relations between Fort Logan and Winston have become stained recently.



Fabrication Specialist Shreve recently won the coveted Order of the Order award for his work in analyzing TemperNet Alloying methods. The O-2 or "Oxygen Award" is only given to those whose research has resulted in a substantial increase in combat efficiency.



Craft disciplines that allow you to customize equipment are five times as tough to learn as simple assembly disciplines. The Biomek Order needs craftsmeks with both types of skills in order to operate at peak efficiency.


.......Canyon Run

A treacherous drive called the Canyon Run keeps the Supreme Commander's research facility in Fort Harrison isolated from the skirmishes of Scrap Valley. Above the canyon road rest two Old World military bases, regularly used by Fort Harrison as test sites for prototype weaponry.


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Ice and Fire

Pikes have infested the Canyon Run and taken control of the Biomek defenses. Even constant artillery fire has not been enough to drive them out. Control of turrets must be reasserted before the vermin can be expunged from the military bases.



The Pikes' stranglehold on the Canyon Run is broken, but not gone. Artillery bombardment will continue until the passage is safe for all convoys.


.......Big Horn Canyon

This area, once a major thoroughfare for Biomek commerce, has been captured by the Pikes. Because of the fort is easy to defend, they've made it a central part of their strategy.


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The Pikes are holding out against the TempeNet and Biomek forces are streaming into the area, but no side has a decisive advantage in this battle.


.......Half Moon Hill

Under the terms of Clancy's Peace, the Derelicts have been mining this region for their own interests and for the Biomek Order. At times the Biomek Order has found it necessary to send "Observation Teams" into Half Moon Hill to verufy the Clancy's Peace is indeed being followed.



Extensive mining activity over the years has eroded vast sections of the Half Moon Hill area, yet new seams of resources are discovered continually.  As such, a number of factional elements are drawn to the area, resulting in the timeless situation that historically always results in armed conflict.

Constant battles for dominance in the area usually result in the extermination of the losing prospectors. The ongoing warfare between Biomeks and the rest of the world, however, makes ready access to mineral deposits a necessity. Those who can claim Half Moon Hill as their own stand to make a fortune for their exertions.

The Derelicts and Pikes have mined this area in a state of uneasy truce for several years. Recently, a new leader known as "The Dustman" has taken over the local Pike operations, and has made it clear the Pikes would like to increase their claims here...

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Staking a Claim

Few valleys have produced as many resources as reliably as Half Moon Hill. This has resulted in much bloodshed as ambitious prospectors eliminate the competition in whatever way they can.


Common Ground

A group of Derelicts have been mining the area for their own benefit as well as selling the ore to the Biomek Order. This arrangement has worked well for all involved, but the Pikes have renewed hostilities in the area. Once again, the sound of productive mining is drowned out by the roar of gunfire.



FOr over 200 years debris has rained down along this stretch of Axial Highway 1. The constant barrage has caused so much damage that the Order officially named the region "Cinderfall." Little is officially known about the origins of the debris, but it is widely believed to be related to the Pod impacts that occured at roughly the same point in time.

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The town of Unionville has developed a dramatic and potent method for holding the TemperNet at bay. Periodic burst-transmissions of a lethal computer virus are used to keep the passage to the town gates open to Biomek travel. The Biomek Order has decreed that this is a safe and effective use of such technology and asserts that there is no risk to Biomek ciruitry.



The INC Truckstop has recently been rebuilt after being destroyed by the TemperNet. The new facilities are top-of-the-line and additional defenses have been added to deter future attacks.



Unionville was established prior to the Betrayal as a minor resource storage facility. When the bombs fell, it's position deep in the mountains prevented the death of the civilian inhabitants. They immediately reinforced the security infrastructure and attempted to hold out against a world turned entirely hostile. Their frantic efforts to hold this town won the respect of the Biomeks that captures the town and they were permitted to continue fighting as infantry units.

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Heroism Rewarded

Fact: The original inhabitants of Unionville survived for over a year against bandits, mutated creatures and the harsh elements before surrendering to the Biomek Order. Their valor was rewarded with choice billets at the front lines of the Betrayer front upon successful integration into the Biomek Order.


Impregnable Isolation

Fact: In nearly two centuries, no power but the Biomek Order has been able to capture this facility. Hopcap, tasked with defense of the town, is highly respected by the Order for his innovative use of degital viruses to hold off the continual TemperNet Onslaught.


.......Osborn Pass

In the short time since the TemperNet have captures this area, they have established a sizeable detention area for captures Biomeks. All data relevant to Biomek strategy and plans are extracted in an almost universally fatal manner.

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TemperNet Detention Facility

Biomeks unlucky enough to get captures while convoying supplies through Osborn Pass are kept in pens prior to having their brains picked by the TemperNet. Few ever escaped.


The Detention Centers

In the short time since the TemperNet have captured this area, they have established a sizeable detention area for captured Biomeks. All data relevant to Biomek strategy and plans are extracted in an almost universally fatal manner. All Biomeks who succesfully penetrate the defenses of this region are expected and required to liberate as many Biomek captives as possible consistent with the efficient completion of their Order-assigned duties.



An advanced and experimental unit in the TemperNet arsenal from before the Betrayal, Erazimuth foresaw the technocidal intent of the Biomek Order far enough in advance to conceal itself in an abandoned mine in Osborn Pass. It powered down to avoid detection and was not discovered. When a great meteor hit Cinderfall, it awoke and instantly began to rebuild TemperNet power in the region.


.......Osborn Pass Detention Facility

For nearly three decades, the TemperNet have controlled this area. Little is known about their activities here except that it appears to be a central point of command.

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Osborn Pass Detention Facility

Prior to having their brains picked by the TemperNet, Biomek captives are held in this detention facility. From the pools of blood in the common area to the east, the fate of the captures Biomeks is obvious.



During peak production, the Biomek Order increased output from the Titanium Factory by 30.46% with the simple expedient of building a back entrance. The service entrance, frequently called "Detour" by those Meks assigned to convoy duty, was captured at the same time as the factory itself.

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Back Door

Little is known about this area now that it is controlled by TemperNet. The Order has reasons to believe that this back entrance to the Titanium Factory is substantially less defended that the front.


Service Entrance

During peak production, the Biomek Order increased output from the Titanium Factory by 30.46% with the simple expedient of building a back entrance. The service entrance, frequently called "Detour" by those Meks assigned to convoy duty, was captured at the same time as the factory itself.


.......Titanium Factory

Even before The Betrayal this region was used as the central source of construction materials for Fort Logan and its surrounding towns. In the time since The Betrayak these mines have become the primary source of munitions grade material for the Biomek Order.

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The Titanium Factory

Until recently the Titanium Factory was a key link in the Biomek supply chain. The capture of the facility by TemperNet forces has caused a shortage of many critical components throughout the Protectorate.


Search and Rescue

Locate and extract the captured Agents. If they refuse to leave their TemperNet captors, assume that they have been compromised and act accordingly.


Goliath Challenges

Unreliable - but still troubling - sensor readings have indicated a large mobile object with distinctive TemperNet qualities roaming through Titanium Factory. Even more troubling are signs that a Biomek operative is still present in the area.



Established to glean the best loot from the falling alien debris, Bunker was reinforced to withstand the direct hits from fallout and rose in status to become the hub of commerce and government in the region. It sits in a massive crater with a retractable shield dome in the center of Mannafall Trench.

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Mannafall Trench

Fact: When the last alien pod crashed to earth here roughly thirty years ago, the rain of valuable technology and resources did not stop. Though it is nowhere near its peak, the celestial fallout still poses both a risk and a reward to those daring enough to brave the Trench.


The Pod

Though the shell of the crashed Pod was fractured into pieces on impact, some scientists thorize that the core was taken elsewhere. They cite the continual rise in wildlife mutations as reason for further research.


The Shield

The last time the Shield was lowered, it look so much energy to raise again that the Order has forbidden its closure except in the case of direct assault by Mutant or Betrayer forces.


.......Bunker NRF

The nanomachines critical to the operation of most Biomek technology requires periodic infusions of new assemblers and raw materials. These are typically delivered through Nanite-infused food and drink.

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The more experienced Biomeks often visit Replenishment Facilities to share their knowledge with younger warriors. While idle chit-chat is not encouraged, learning from those who have seen a great deal is deemed a worthwhile acticvity while replenishing.


Nothing Wasted

The Nanites used to operate and maintain Biomek bodily functions periodically cease functioning. When this happens, they are excreated like any other waste. Recycling units extract the nanomachines and they are restored for reuse.



Though the town was not originally established as a permanent facility, it has grown and reinforced itself until it nearly rivals Unionville for total armament.


Overlook is the best location in the Protectorate to view and study an alien pod that crashed to earth 30 years ago. The order established the town to monitos the alien activities and take whatever steps were necessary to prevent the spread of more goo and spores.

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Let the Games Begin

Though the Biomek Order discourages freelance gambling as an inefficient diversion from fully sanctioned OCD Arena events. many Overlook residents participate in one of the local pastimes like "allowing" Scavs to enter Passage and beating on how long it takes for the wildlife to skeletonize them.



Some of the Order's best armor and weaponry was developed from the alien-technology research data generated in Overlook.



As the environment of this area becomes progressively more contaminated, the Biomeks in Overlook are monitoring its process. Understanding the spread of the goo and mutation will allow the Order to plan long term containment strategies. For this reason, the local goo saturation levels have been left largely unchecked.

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Improvise, Adapt, Oversome

These are some circumistances where the best path is not always obvious. All members of the Biomek Order are expected to explore new and innovative ways to accomplish their task. Mission completion is primary, all other considerations are secondary.


.......Ma & Raider

Many disasters have befallen this house: nuclear bombardment, meteor strikes, TemperNet incursion, and endless scavanging to name a few. Though the basic structure has suffered badly, someone appears to have exerted great effort to keep the house standing against all odds. This was successful... until *very* revently.

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Home of the Strange

This house was the nicest in the area before being reduced to rubble, of course. There is evidence of extensive upkeep, which is unique in this Scav-infested region. This house also shows signs of haveing been entirely rebuilt several times.


.......The Moat

The Moat Wall is the brainchild of General Jasmine Jade. Her efforts to secure the southern border with this vast construction won her the title "Shield of the Order." It is the largest known intact structure on the planet.

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The Border

Fact: The Moat represents the southern-most extremity of the Biomek Protectorate. Plans for expansion are in the works, but this natural and Mek-made structure remains the logical defensive front.


Great Salt Lake Crater

Fact: Seismic disruptions following the Betrayal and the crashing of the Pod cause the Great Salt Lake to swell in size and depth. Defending its shores is one of the greater challenges facing the Order in this area.



Fact: The Serial Accelerating Launch Tubes - or SALTs - were designed to deploy Biomeks to the battlefront in an orderly, efficient Biomek manner. No equivalent return conveyance was designed to prevent enemies from using them to bypass the Moat Wall.


Monsters in the Moat

Fact: Many of the defenders in the Moat are actually hostile to Biomeks... as well as anything else that comes near. They are known as "Biomutes" and are result of experiment with enhancing Mutants.



Fact: Though the Biomute program is not universally recognized as a success, there are data to suggest that they are in fact helping to repel the Betrayer and Mutated onslaught. Reports of a group of Biomutes having regained reational control of their actions are unconfirmed.



Founded originally as the construction depot for the team building the Moat, the town was reinforced in the same fashion out of necessity. When the Moat was finished, the residents of the town, dubbed Strand at the time, opted to stay and fight. Laters renamed Root and designated the Capitol of the Biomek Protectorate, it has become a symbol of strength and commitment in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Anchor Point

Fact: In addition to being the hub of Biomek government, Root is a key link in the defense of the Protectorate. Strategic and tactical decisions are made and implemented instantly because of the town's proximity to the hottest points of attention.



Despite the Order's efforts on their behalf, Mutant captives who are granted enhancements have 100% fail-rate. For some reason their Xenomorphed anatomies cannot adapt to enhancement. They still possess substantial violent capabilities, so they are released into the Moat as a passive defensive system.


Don't feed the Enhancees

Though they are not fully functional yet, taunting or jeering at the successful enhancees is forbidden. Every member of the Order is equal; some are just more equal than others.


Hero of the Year

Fact: During the construction of the Moat and Strand, Jasmine Jade managed to hold the incomplete town against overwhelming odds for nearly a year.


Jasmine Jade

A survivor of the Betrayal, Jasmine Jade forged the small Moat-construction force into a magnificent fighting force. In the face of overwhelming odds, she managed to simultaneously hold the area and complete her work. At the time she was 227 years old. She continues to embody the power and efficiency of Biomek enhancement.


.......Root NRF

The nanomachines critical to the operation of most Biomek technology requires periodic infusions of new assemblers and raw materials. These are typically delivered through Nanite-infused food and drink.

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The more experienced Biomeks often visit Replenishment Facilities to share their knowledge with younger warriors. While idle chit-chat is not encouraged, learning from those who have seen a great deal is deemed a worthwhile acticvity while replenishing.



Replenishment Facilities are often good locations to search for employment. Those not controlled by the Order sometimes house Biomeks of... questionable loyalty.


Shuttle to Rust

Recently enhanced Biomeks from the Foundry pass near this establishment on their way to a shuttle that will deposit them at Rust. If and when they achieve full functionality, they will be full members of the Order.



A steady flow of goo has eaten away the underlying rock near the northwest end of the Moat Wall. The source of this flow is unclear, because no patrol has both found anything conclusive and returned.

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Ground Water

Between the saline contamination from Brinewash Basin to the west and the goo contamination from somewhere in the Canal, the water supply in this region has been rendered non-potable. The native wildlife seems to have no problems with it, however, having grown to immense proportions.


.......Trio Island

Once the private retreat for strategic planning and recovery for Generals Billings, Dunlap and Jade, this island fell into disrepair after Billings' death.

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Outer Circle

Presence in this area is proof in and of itself of the General's respect for your past deeds. However, not all of those who are brought to the Trio Island are allowed to enter Dunlap's Compound. Only those Biomeks who have proven themselves both loyal and efficient are considered for that privilege.


.......Dunlap's Compound

Few living Biomeks have seen the inside of this facility. General Dunlap only invites those who have proven not only to be capable and efficient warriors, but also have demonstrated a degree of loyalty to the Order that sets them apart from the rest.

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Though Supreme Commander Gerzy had demonstrated unquestionable skill as a politician and consensus builder, he has never been regarded as a "fighting commander." Many Biomeks who regard efficient combat skills as the paramount virtue tend to congregate around great warriors such as Dutch Dunlap and Jasmine Jade.


Rebuilding the Defenses

Though Trio Island was once heavily defended, General Dunlap has only recently begun rebuilding the fortifications. There is much left to do...


.......New Tocado

Nothing in any Biomek training disk has prepared you for the things that take place in this town...

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Dark Queen

Considered the creater of her race, Lujuri is depicted with stunning detail in a statue in New Tocado. The love the Biomute people feel fro their Dark Queen evidently permeates all aspects of Biomute existance.


Los Inviertos

Those Biomutes who have been released from the deepest grips of insanity require frequent and progressively more intense "treatment."



Biomutes living in New Tocado are drawn to pain and pleasure with equal force. No agony is too great or pleasure too extreme for them and they live on the razor's edge of the sensual.



All Biomutes Inviertos exist on the brittle edge of madness. Their minds were forever split by the enhancement process and the only path to sanity lies in... unorthodox treatments.



Built into a pocket alcove of the Moat, the stronghold of Lujuri's lietenants reeks of Sulfur and the twisted wildlife native to the area. INC has agreed to perform emergency airlifts if needed, but the implicit hazards of this area mean the cost will be high.

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Just because the Biomutes are mentally defective, do not make the mistake of thinking that they are incapable. Many warriors have understimated them, only to become playthings in their twisted amusements.

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