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Capturing Outposts

Capturing Outposts in Ground Zero requires the Outpost Capture Kit which can be bought in INC Rest Stop (each cost 40 Scrips), following each succesful capture of an Outpost (requires 30 seconds of uninterruptable hacking), a Token is acquired after 30 and 50 minutes of the capture and drops total of 2 souveniers before the Outpost goes rogue after 60 minutes on continued capture.

After each successful Outpost capture every player of the capturing faction within 100 feet of the Outpost Console receives a 20 minutes buff. These buffs remain even if the outpost is hacked to another faction but will be lost if the player is wrecked. Similar type buff do not stack, and they overwrite each other's timer upon capturing an OP with similar buff type.


Outpost Capture Buffs (Update 4)
La Tour Aride Adds 300 Hit Points
Bunker 13
Last Stand Critical Hit Bonus by 6%
Nachtman's Watch
Black Lake
Cobalt 59 Plus 5 Penetration
Grave Rust Critical Hit Bonus by 11%
Base K Plus 10 Penetration
Xeno Marsh Adds 600 Hit Points

Each captured Outpost will spawn defenders who are immune to the Faction's strongest Damage type:

  • Human Defenders: Immune to Energy Damage
  • Mutant Defenders: Immune to Contamination Damage
  • Biomek Defenders: Immune to Fire & Corrosive Damage


Capturing Obelisks

Players can capture Obelisks in contested layer by using the K-Wave tuners that drop from Xenos. Captureing an Obelisk requires having the K-Wave tuner in Cargo and is done by simply driving through the Obelisk.

Captured Xeno Obelisks offer XP over time for players below level 70 and can heal a player inside it slowly every 30 seconds. Captured obelisks strenghten the captured Outpost defenders and make them harder to kill.


PVP Tokens

Whenever you kill an enemy player, there is a chance that they will drop a Token. Each player will have a minimum basic of 45% chance to get a Token and a maximum of 95%.

Two more factors modify this chance: the number of Outposts & Obelisks your race holds, and the population of your race in Contested layer of Ground Zero.

Contested GZ will have three settings for faction Population Modifier:

  • Lowest: Adds 50% Chance
  • Middle: Adds 25% Chance
  • Highest: Adds 0% Chance

Each captured Outpost adds 15% chance for a Token drop from a wrecked enemy.

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