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Using OCD Terminals:

OCD currently sanctions battles between teams of drivers. As this format can be very open, drivers may find themselves competing against their own race. Drivers score by destroying other vehicles - the side with the highest score wins. To spruce things up, random devices that vastly improve a particular trait or characteristic for short periods frequently populate arenas. For example, many arenas provide a device that can instantly repair a vehicle. Other devices may give a tremendous power surge, allowing weapons to deal more damage. However, the success of a team in the arenas will be largely determined by skill and teamwork, not by luck.

To enter an OCD Arena you'll need to find the terminals, which are located in all major cities across all factions. OCD utilizes two distinct Arenas for it's matches.

The OCD Arena menu provides few options for Combat:

  • Tournaments

This is a special arena that may only be started by an official Auto Assault Game Master. Tournaments allow players to fight in a Ladder match, pairing people off until someone is found as the winner. You will fight back-to-back matches after the tournament begins. The winner can get a variety of rewards. To join, talk to the OCD Representative in your faction's town (Tocado, Upside or Fort Logan ). Click the "Tournaments" button. Select the tournament that you want to join. Click the "Join" button. Wait for the GM to start the tournament. Continue fighting matches until you win or lose!

Preset Tournaments are available throughout the day for all level ranges. These Tournys offer XP and Clink rewards for winners.

  • Instant Action

You can join other players that are waiting for Instant Action with this option and it will only match you up with people +/- three levels from you to make it a fair match. Talk to the OCD Representative in your faction's town (Tocado, Upside or Fort Logan ) then click on "Instant Action" and you'll be put into the queue waiting for the next match to start.

These matches have no rewards except the satisfaction of beating another player.

  • Advanced

Clicking on this will let you select from a more narrow field of arena battles. Here you can select the number of players for the arena battle, the match type, entry fee (if any), and even if you want it password protected for those private battles. When you have all the settings you want, hit "Join Now!" you will enter the queue to play.

    • Ladder

    Not available at current build.

    • Practice

    Not available at current build.


OCD Arena Rules

  • No Consumables or Changing Gear

When you enter the Arena you cannot use any healing items or buffs. This is very important to note, as when you enter the Arena you're entirely based on your skills, your gear and your wits. Thus make sure you equip your best gear ahead of entering the Arena.

  • Jumping The Ramp

When the smoke arounf the ramp is green, the gates open and you can shoot up the ramp through the gates getting a full heal. Should the gates be closed, the smoke is red, and one will fall into the pit and get negative score.

  • Random Buff/Debuff in Pit

When rolled over, a buff/debuff in the pit (random) affects the player.

  • No Hazard Mode!

Do not use the Hazard Mode inside the Arena or you will be punished with one negative score.

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